Campbellsville Renaissance/Main Street

Our mission is to improve the image of downtown Campbellsville as well as to aid, encourage, promote and support its economic structure through organization, promotions, design and economic restructuring.

Campbellsville, Kentucky, was established by the Kentucky General Assembly in 1817 as the seat of Taylor County. The Civil War Battle of Tebbs Bend was fought here in 1863 and several local historic sites reflect that time period. Campbellsville is host to one of the biggest 4th of July celebrations in the state. More than 25,000 people turn out for fireworks, country music concerts, and more. Historic downtown Campbellsville offers 190 businesses and services. Currently, it is a class 3 city with Campbellsville University and received a National Economic Development Award in 2004.

Historic Resource Surveys and National Register Nominations have been conducted in Campbellsville and Taylor County on a regular basis since 1975. Fifty-nine historic resources in Campbellsville and 115 resources in Taylor County have been recorded on Kentucky Historic Resources Inventory Forms. In 1983, 41 historic resources in the Campbellsville Commercial Historic District were listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

In 2001, a group of concerned citizens worked together to prepare the Silver Renaissance Kentucky application and were appointed to the Campbellsville Renaissance/Historic Preservation Commission in 2002 as mandated by the Historic Design Ordinance. That fall, Campbellsville was designated a Silver Renaissance Kentucky City and a Main Street community.

Top Five Priorities/Initiatives

  • The identification, preservation and restoration of historic structures, including but not limited to those structures within the Renaissance boundary.

  • To examine Streetscape and Parking Issues and develop appropriate courses of action for improvement, utility, beautification and safety.

  • To develop and implement a strategy that addresses commercial development, residential housing, and infill construction within the Renaissance boundary.

  • To identify, create and implement Greenspace and Environmental Enhancement Plan to address issues such as trails, parks, greenways, waterways, recreational areas, etc. within the Renaissance boundary.

  • To study the Marketing Plan and devise a plan including business recruitment, retention and expansion within the Renaissance boundary.

Four Point Approach



Building partnerships to create a consistent revitalization program and develop effective management and leadership of the downtown.



Strengthening the existing economic assets of the business district while diversifying its economic base.



Re-establishing downtown as a compelling place for shoppers, investors and visitors.



Enhancing the visual quality of downtown by concentrating on design in all elements of the downtown environment.

How We Can Help

Downtown Development Coordinator, Donna G. Logsdon, has over twenty years of experience in historic preservation and coordinates preservation related activities with the Campbellsville Renaissance/Historic Preservation Commission, the Taylor County Historical Society, the City and the County as well as property owners, and local businesses. She can help you:

  • Prepare Discount Paint Applications

  • Prepare and/or Review Federal Tax Credit Applications

  • Prepare and/or Review State Tax Credit Applications

  • Make decisions regarding building renovation, demolition, new construction, and relocation

  • Find a suitable property to purchase and renovate

  • List properties in the National Register of Historic Places